Child obesity: victim of lifestyle

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Overweight in children: victim of modern lifestyle

An increase in obese and overweight children and adolescents has been noticeable in industrialized countries in recent decades. In a 5-year study, scientists from the Institute of Social Sciences at the University of Stuttgart have now determined the social causes for this and are giving tips to counteract the development.

The Stuttgart scientists stated that "high-energy foods are available at all times, but also a large number of technical products that enable everyday life to be mastered without great physical exertion". Instead of dogmatic nutrition tips and behaviors, we recommend promoting family structures in which attention to the interests of children and their needs play a role again. Because the children should get the awareness for a diet that is as natural and moderate as possible in the socialization in the parental home. The same applies to suggestions in creative self-determined outdoor games.

The fact that these socializing structures have disappeared can be seen today, among other things, in the external appearance of children. Overall, the Stuttgart researchers around the social scientist Dr. Michael Zwick identified over 50 individual causes of overweight and obesity.

As extremely burning, she described, "furthermore, the creation of permanent positions and structures for the coordination and networking of the numerous programs, projects and campaigns, so that synergy effects arise and their effectiveness can be ensured." And the researchers even recommend that to compensate for deficient family structures through a social institution. The interdisciplinary project was funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and other numerous partners.

The results and recommendations are nothing new for representatives from naturopathy. You have been skeptical about the development for a long time. In the past, they have often called for countermeasures and for their implementation greater social acceptance and the presence of their discipline in the middle of society. It is to be hoped that the study by the Stuttgart social scientists has now set the ball rolling. (Thorsten Fischer, naturopath osteopathy, 01/27/2010)

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