Cold feet: a problem of winter time

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Cold feet - a problem in winter: In the cold season, many people, especially women, complain about cold feet. Experts give tips on causes and options for self-treatment.

Wolfgang Wesiack, President of the Professional Association of German Internists, points out that cold feet are a normal regulation of our organism: "When it is cold outside, the body has to ensure that it maintains its core temperature".

This means that the symptoms themselves are not pathological but normal. This function is called thermoregulation. It is necessary for the organism to maintain the core temperature when it is cold outside in order to maintain and ensure its vital functions. For this, the blood flow to the extremities (arms and legs) is regulated by contracting the local blood vessels and the supply to the organs is ensured. But you can also train this regulation: hot-cold foot baths or general alternating baths and visits to the sauna can toughen up the body and make it easier to compensate. Of course, this has to happen in the long term and does not change in short periods.

In naturopathy, cherry stone and spelled pillows are recommended for local use. The cores store the heat and release it slowly and very deeply. Warm teas and thick wool socks are also very advisable. It should be clarified that these are not changes in the vessels or nerves caused by diseases such as arteriosclerosis or polyneuropathy.

Thorsten Fischer, a non-medical practitioner from Hanover specializing in osteopathy, has to consider to other medical practitioners that there are other factors as well: "The vessels run between the muscles in the fascia, the connective connective tissue. If there are mechanical restrictions due to adhesive bonding, this is an impairment vascular supply conceivable. " Manual procedures such as osteopathy or Rolfing are indicated here, which can restore the optimal care by loosening the connective tissue. (sb January 27, 2010)

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