Nanoparticles in sun milk

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Nanoparticles in sun milk: Öko-Test advises consumers to use natural cosmetics that do not use “mineral UV filters”.

(02.06.2010) Summer is just around the corner and the choice of sunscreen has to be made. The consumer magazine "Öko-Test" tested 25 different sun creams. The ingredients of the sun milk products were examined and evaluated.

“Öko-Test” found out that many manufacturers mix different substances for the chemical UV filter. There are indications that these substances can act like a hormone. Scientific studies in the past have shown that these substances can get into the human body. Researchers had found traces of these chemical UV filters in breast milk. For this reason, Ökotest advises consumers to best use natural cosmetics that do not use mineral filter substances. Jürgen Stellpflug of Ökotest said: "Consumers, especially children and pregnant women, should use products with purely mineral filters - with natural cosmetics you are on the safe side here."

Mineral filter substances include chemical substances such as titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. These are used in the form of nanoparticles. It is still unclear how nanoparticles affect the human organism. It is not until 2013 that manufacturers have to declare on the products whether the product contains nanoparticles. Öko-Test indicates that nanoparticles in sunscreens are harmless.

In addition, Ökotest has found out that some products also contain questionable substances. For example, substances such as PEG / PEG derivatives were found in some creams. For example, these cause foreign substances to become more permeable to the skin. According to Ökotest, fragrances were found in the sun milk from Nivea and Lancaster that can cause allergies in some people. All other results can be found in the current edition of Öko-Test. (sb)

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