Hormone-active chemicals threaten health

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Scientists in the Alps are confronted with a riddle: In Lake Thun, around half of the fish "Felchen" have malformations on the genitals. An indication of dangerous chemical substances that have a similar effect to hormones?

(06/17/2010) The world is no longer in order in the Alps. In the "Thuner See", researchers have been observing fish malformations for a long time, which could be caused by chemical substances. Around half of the fishes of the "Felchen" genus have deformities of the genitals. The question now is, is human health in acute danger? There are many indications of this.

There have recently been reports of warnings about hormone-active chemicals. So the mass chemistry "Bisphenol A" is repeatedly criticized. Bisphenol A is used in numerous products such as baby bottles, thermal paper and food cans in the manufacture of the packaging. It has been proven that the "mass chemical" behaves similarly in the human organism, the female sex hormone estrogen. In the meantime, even the Federal Environment Agency warns against the use of bisphenol A. A ban is far from in sight, although countries such as Canada or France have now partially reacted and at least have banned bisphenol A for the manufacture of baby bottles and children's toys. The reports of girls' early sexual maturity are also alarming. A connection with hormone-active chemicals is also suspected here. But in Germany the industrial lobby seems to be too strong to issue a general ban. Because the Federal Environment Agency only makes a recommendation to switch to alternative substances. Nothing happened in this direction.

A SWR report dealt with the effects of hormone-active chemicals. The mass use of these chemicals in plastics, cosmetics and medicines is also reported here. Ultimately, these substances end up in the environment. The reporters report alarming observations in nature. For example, polar bears would increasingly give birth to "hermaphrodites", fish fish and tadpoles in large numbers no longer develop into frogs. In addition, it can no longer be denied that the sperm quality of men in industrialized countries has deteriorated massively in recent years. Are these all signs of the effects of hormone-active chemicals? When will politics finally react and be against the industrial lobby? (sb)

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