Refreshing tea tips for hot summer days

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Refreshing tea tips for hot summer days.
Tea is considered a warming drink for autumn and winter. But it is also very suitable as a summer drink and helps people to survive the hot days more comfortably in a variety of ways.

Hot tea against hot summer. When an ice-cold drink delights our dry throats in sweaty, summery temperatures, we feel like in paradise for a short time. This form of refreshment is undoubtedly part of every summer. But at extreme temperatures, the body often reacts to ice-cold drinks with additional heat spurts, because the cold drink pretends to the body that the temperature has to be raised. Natalia Panne from recommends drinking hot tea in small sips. The body lowers its temperature through the heat supplied, thus ensuring cooling that is gentle on the circulatory system.

Green tea: Natural remedy for sunburn. Green tea can provide relief from sunburn. The polyphenols contained in green tea reduce reddening of the skin and protect the cells from harmful UV radiation, according to Natalia Panne from Nevertheless, never go unprotected in the sun and avoid excessive sunbathing, because every sunburn damages the skin permanently. Green tea is supportive but cannot prevent sunburn.

Rooibos tea: ideal for athletes. Athletes can lose over three liters of sweat an hour during their activities. A loss of water of just two percent of the body weight leads to impaired performance. The South African rooibos tea is rich in electrolytes and is very suitable for filling up the mineral deposits that have been exhausted by sweating, explains Natalia Panne from

Stimulating and refreshing: prepare iced tea correctly. A cool and stimulating soft drink for summer is iced tea. It can be prepared easily and quickly and is the calorie-free alternative to artificial thirst quenchers. Black tea is an excellent base for iced tea. Important: pour the still hot tea into a container filled with ice cubes. Thanks to the rapid shock cooling, the ingredients and flavors are preserved as best as possible, as Natalia Panne from explains.

Black tea for stress. Researchers from the University College in London found out in a study that the consumption of black tea can reduce stress. A test group received a drink containing the ingredients of the black tea for six weeks. The control group received a placebo. In stressful situations, the people in the first group reacted much more relaxed and rated their personal stress level lower than the participants in the control group. Natalia Panne from therefore advises you to try out the effects of black tea yourself in stressful situations. More tea tips at (pm)

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