Exercise helps with back pain

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Exercise also helps with back pain and joint problems

(06.08.2010) If people suffer from back pain or joint problems, most tend to avoid physical movements. In the opinion of the Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care (IQWiG), avoiding movement is by no means the most adequate method to deal with the complaints. On the contrary, proper exercise training can alleviate the symptoms. Because the complaints often only arise from a lack of exercise.

Numerous studies have already shown that exercise and active exercise can relieve chronic back pain. A third of those affected even helped regular exercise training to avoid relapses in pain. However, it is important to do sports or active movement units regularly. Otherwise, the desired effect is missing. "Physical exercise should therefore become an integral part of everyday life," said the institute's advice.

However, it also depends on the right type of movement, because not every sport is suitable as a therapeutic measure. With pronounced joint damage such as arthrosis, for example, no sports are advisable, in which the joints are often rotated, stretched and put a lot of strain on. Exercise is also not advisable for acute illnesses such as pneumonia.

With the attending doctor or therapist, it makes sense to look for a sensible sport. There is not even a lot of effort involved. Regular, brisk walking or walking is enough for many people to get the circulation and joints going again. Because if you don't train your body, you will always have complaints in the medium and long term. Read also: Exercises for back pain. (sb)

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