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Focus Gesundheit TV is expected to be switched off again at the end of August.

(09.08.2010) The TV station "Focus Gesundheit TV", which was only launched in mid-2005, is expected to be switched off again at the end of August this year. That comes from media industry circles. The broadcaster's program revolves around health topics, wellness and advice. The shipments consisted of in-house production but also from third-party providers. Focus Health started in 2005.

The industry service "Meedia" announced on Friday that the economic conditions for continued operation of the specialty broadcaster "Focus Health" were missing. It was only on January 7th that the company "Burda" announced the distribution of the station via "Sky Welt". In the further period, other distribution channels were also used. The station was also broadcast on Kabelkiosk, Unitymedia and Wilhelm Tel.

According to industry circles, the shutdown at "Unitymedia" should take place at the end of August, at Kabelkiosk in mid-September. It is not clear whether the contributions from Focus Gesundheit will continue to be available online after the end of the station.

Possible reasons for the shutdown: At the beginning of the year, the providers "Sky" and Focus Gesundheit could not agree on a contract. Since 2005, the station has been broadcast on the pay-TV channel "Premiere". At the beginning of the year, apparently no further broadcast could be agreed. (sb)

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