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The Social Solidarity Association demands: "Additional contributions have to go!"

(08/18/2010) "If a million people with statutory health insurance do not pay any additional contributions, it is a resounding slap in the face of the federal government's health policy erroneous path," said the managing director of the Social and Welfare Association, People's Solidarity, Dr. Bernd Netherland, on Wednesday. He criticized the government coalition's plans to raise a late payment surcharge of up to three monthly contributions for health insurance members who do not pay the additional contribution. The penalty payments now planned further exacerbate the situation. It is time to correct the course we have chosen and to return to financing health costs in solidarity. "

"The government coalition is making it too easy," said Netherlands. First you leave the path of parity financing and put the insured person under the brunt of rising health costs in order to punish them for not making this system work. It's just absurd. For the health insurance companies there are new financial uncertainties, which are ultimately carried out on the backs of patients and insured persons. This path leads to a dead end. The only consequence can be that the additional contributions have to be abolished again. "

The Federal Managing Director described the declaration that the insured would refuse to pay the additional contributions as one-sided. "Perhaps one should think about the fact that the unemployed, small pensioners and low earners simply have problems making payments in addition to their regular health insurance contributions." This problem can only be solved if the financing of health costs is again solidarity, he emphasized. " There are enough alternatives to the path taken by the federal government. Instead of freezing employer contributions and expanding the additional contributions to head allowances, a return to equal funding is necessary. Instead of facilitating the migration of higher earners to private health insurance, incomes above today's contribution ceiling have to go to
Contribution collection to be included. Instead of consolidating private health insurance and two-tier medicine, private health insurance must be included in financial compensation. Instead of giving in to lobbying interests of pharmaceutical companies and service providers, health networks that focus on patient interests and focus on prevention should be promoted. (pm)

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