Barmer GEK does not want to make any additional contributions

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Barmer GEK does not want to collect any additional contributions in 2011 either.

(19.09.2010) The statutory health insurance company Barmer GEK does not want to charge any additional contributions from its members in the coming year 2011 either. The cash register announced this in a letter. However, the Barmer wanted to make their announcement dependent on government plans for health reform. The Federal Ministry of Health had to comply with the planned changes. Accordingly, the plan does not require any flat-rate additional contributions, a likely announcement.

Other health insurers have already announced that they do not want to collect any additional contributions in 2011 either. The General Local Health Insurance Fund (AOK) announced last week that it would also like to waive the additional fees. However, numerous health insurers initially want to wait for the federal government's implementation plans before making a decision. It depends on whether the federal government keeps its promise to make savings. In all likelihood, very few health insurance companies will have to pay an additional fee in the coming year. Because the health insurance companies fear high termination rates.

Regular health insurance premiums rose on January 1, 2011 from 14.9 to 15.5 percent. 8.2 percent of employees have to pay from their gross wages and 7.3 percent of employers. The loss-making health insurance companies recorded a surplus of around 112 million euros in the first half of 2010. In 2009 it was 1.2 billion euros. A total of 16 health insurance companies are currently charging additional contributions from their insured. Cash registers that introduced an additional contribution had to contend with a large loss of members. In the course of the announcement of additional contributions, insured persons have a special right of termination. Around half a million health insurance patients made use of this in 2010. Around 8.5 million people are insured with Barmer. (sb)

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