Alcohol increases the risk of cancer

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Consuming excessive alcohol can not only cause liver disease and make you physically dependent, but can also promote numerous cancers. A toxic metabolic product in the mouth area is responsible for changing human DNA. The toxic substance is formed when alcohol is consumed.

Alcohol consumption can not only damage the liver and cause cirrhosis of the liver, but can also greatly promote cancer. That said Dr. Helmut K. Seitz, internist and medical director of the Salem Hospital at Heidelberg University. Cancer is the second most common consequence of alcoholism after cirrhosis of the liver. The reason for this is a toxicological metabolic product of alcohol that changes human DNA sustainably. The substance is caused by bacteria in the mouth area and favors cancers such as esophageal cancer, throat tumors and larynx cancer. If those affected also smoke, the risk of cancer is increased again. Cancer can develop not only in the mouth and throat due to excessive alcohol consumption, but also in the area of ​​the colon, breast and liver (liver cancer). Women are particularly affected by cancer as a result of alcohol consequences, explained Dr. Seitz. Daily consumption of around 18 grams of pure alcohol significantly increases the risk of breast cancer. Thorough dental hygiene is recommended, especially after high alcohol consumption.

In recent years, the number of cancers due to alcohol habit has increased significantly. Studies assume that around 9 million people in Germany are either alcohol-dependent or at least have a critical attitude towards consumer behavior. If alcohol is consumed in moderation and as an exception, it is largely harmless from a health point of view. But young people in particular are potentially at risk because they often hardly think about their health. Early information should also be a mandate from the parents. (sb, 09/20/2010)

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