Social organizations reject health care reform

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Social associations People's Solidarity and SoVD are clearly rejecting the federal government's plans for health reform.

The Social and Welfare Association of People's Solidarity and the Social Association of Germany (SoVD) are calling on the federal government to maintain and further develop solidarity-based health insurance. This was explained by the two association presidents Prof. Dr. Gunnar Winkler (Volkssolidarität) and Adolf Bauer (SoVD) on Wednesday during a specialist event of both associations in Berlin. They gave a clear rejection of the health reform decided on by the Federal Cabinet on the same day. The project stands for
the privatization of health costs and means a change of system which, by fixing employer contributions, turns the tried and tested principle of solidarity upside down.

"The federal government plans unilateral burdens on the insured and patients, and verbal trivialization will not change that. In particular, the non-income-related additional contributions contradict solidary health insurance, because they disproportionately burden the recipients of low incomes and are therefore highly anti-social," said Bauer.

"The expansion of the additional contributions to head allowances is superfluous and can be omitted because there are alternatives," emphasized Winkler. On behalf of both associations, he called for a return to full parity financing of health costs and a stronger participation of higher incomes in the premium income for statutory health insurance (GKV).

During the symposium, both associations highlighted the benefits of solidary health insurance for all citizens. They strongly warned of the consequences of a fundamental change of course in this core area of ​​social policy. Several health experts used specialist articles to show how solidarity-based health insurance can be developed in a socially balanced manner in order to maintain it as a central component of the welfare state in the future. The author of the report "Health needs solidarity", in particular, emphasized the high social value of social health insurance. Thomas Gerlinger. (pm, Sep 22, 2010)

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