Medicinal side effects increase with age

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Side effects increase in advanced age

As the German Pharmacists Association announced, side effects and drug interactions increase in older age. According to the association, older women who have a low body weight are particularly at risk. A low body weight automatically increases the effectiveness of the medication and thus the risk of overdose.

The Federal Association of German Pharmacists' Associations in Berlin today warned of increasing interactions between drugs in older age. Women who have a low body weight are particularly affected, it was said. If women weigh little, the risk of overdose increases. Significant side effects can occur, for example, with medicines for sleep disorders, pain or depression. The association cited the reason that people of retirement age are taking more and more different medications. So-called interactions can then hardly be prevented, as the association announced.

Patients should tell their pharmacist and doctor exactly what medication they are currently taking. It is also important to include supposedly "harmless" mineral supplements or naturopathic remedies. Because even these preparations can lead to side effects with medication. The problem of undesirable side effects could be alleviated by the large, different number of medicines. (sb, September 30, 2010)

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