Cancer: emergency treatment by Paraguay's president

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Emergency treatment from Paraguay's President. Fernando Lugo is being treated in a hospital in Brazil for complications from cancer.

Paraguayan President Fernando Lugo was flown to a Brazilian hospital for emergency treatment. The president has lymphatic cancer. The doctors found a blood clot in a jugular vein, which prompted immediate medical treatment. The cancer was diagnosed in August of this year.

It was only in August 2010 that Paraguayan President Fernando Lugo was diagnosed with lymph glands cancer (Hodgkin's disease). It is a very rare cancer that affects the human lymphatic system. If Hodgkin's disease is recognized in good time, the chances of a cure are correspondingly good. Conventionally, lymphoma cancer is treated with chemotherapy and radiation therapy. The so-called Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) or a functional disorder of the immune system are often pre-existing diseases.

Yesterday evening, however, the president's state of health seems to have deteriorated. The attending doctors found a blood clot in a jugular vein yesterday evening. As a result, the President Lugo immediately had to be flown to a clinic in Brazil. According to medical experts, Lugo is now in an intensive care unit.

In principle, the president is allowed to leave the country for five days
In principle, a president in Paraguay is allowed to leave the country for five days. Then the congress is turned on. So if Lugo does not return home by Thursday, the Congress will deal with it. Until then, Vice President Federico Franco will take over the office.

Health status stable
The São Paulo Clinic provided the following information about the current state of health of the President: "The President of Paraguay, Fernando Lugo, was admitted to the Sírio-Libanês Hospital at 5:30 pm local time yesterday. Diagnostic tests showed that the patient had thrombosis in the vena cava has and cannot be operated on at the moment. The examinations showed no worsening of the lymphoma. The state of the president is stable, the treatment proceeds undisturbed ". (sb, 03.10.2010)

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