ADHD children at high risk in traffic

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Children with ADHD are particularly at risk in traffic. Special attention is required from children to be safe on the road. Children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are therefore much more at risk in road traffic than their peers, according to the current warning of the German Road Safety Council (DVR).

ADHD children three times more victims of accidents ADHD is a particular problem in road traffic because the affected children are often unconcentrated, are easily distracted, react particularly impulsively and ignore agreed rules, according to the German Road Safety Council. The experts rely on examinations that scientifically prove a significantly increased risk of accidents in ADHD children. Fifteen percent of pedestrian and cyclist accidents between the ages of six and 15 were involved in ADHD children, while their share in the total number of children is only around five percent. This means that children with ADHD have a three times higher accident risk on the road than their peers, according to the DVR.

Clear rules particularly important for affected children The German Road Safety Council therefore recommends parents and educators to agree easily memorable rules on the go with the "Zappelphilipp Syndrome" children, which offer them safety and orientation in road traffic. Compliance with the rules should be monitored consistently Children in the street have to be careful with drivers and they should always be ready to brake, added the traffic psychologist Hardy Holte from the DVR. (fp, 09.10.2010)

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