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Police confiscated large quantities of the dangerous herb mixture "Spice".

Although a ban on the herb mixture "Spice" has been initiated in Germany since December 2008 and trade has been banned since then, a shop in the Zollernalbkreis region has continued to sell the herb mixture "Spice" consisting of synthetic cannabinoids and various dried plant parts. In a raid, the police confiscated around 100 packets of the mixture, which is dangerous to health.

At the end of October, three young men from the region had to receive medical care in a clinic after smoking the mixture. Significant health problems were found in two of the patients. The police then identified the shop where the mixture was sold to consumers.

According to the police, a further retail store has now been found that the sale of "Spice" earned substantial sales. The prohibited goods were seized during extensive searches of the rooms. An investigation was launched against the shopkeeper for violating the Narcotics Act (BtMG), a spokesman for the police said. At the same time, the authorities warned once again of the consumption of the chemical mixture. Again and again, especially adolescents in clinics had to be treated for acute dizziness, nausea and vomiting. So far, the consequences and long-term effects have not yet been fully clarified. (sb, Nov 25, 2010)

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