Chemical accident at the BASF plant

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Chemical accident at BASF's Ludwigshafen site: 17 people were injured and had to seek medical treatment.

As reported by the BASF Group, a chemical accident occurred in the BASF plant in Ludwigshafen on Friday afternoon. In this incident, the poisonous substance “ketene” has escaped in an unknown quantity. The substance ketene serves, among other things, as a raw material for the production of so-called fragrances. As a result, a total of 17 people had to receive medical treatment for eye irritation and respiratory problems. 16 BASF employees and an employee of an external company complained of eye and respiratory tract irritation after the accident. You were treated immediately.

The cause of the accident is currently unclear. Shortly after the incident, measurements were taken in the area at the exit point in an operation in the northern part of the plant. However, these would not have resulted in increased levels of the toxic substance. The competent authorities have already been informed. There is obviously no danger to the population. “Keten” can lead to health problems in contact with people. If a person comes into contact with the substance, the skin and respiratory tract are irritated. It can also cause serious damage to the eyes. (sb)

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