Disturbed sleep makes you sick and ugly

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Disturbed sleep makes you sick and ugly

Restful sleep is a basic requirement for health and performance. If night and shift work or leisure stress disturb or shorten sleep, there are serious consequences for health. Scientific studies have shown that a combination of valerian and hop extract can provide effective help for sleep problems.

Contrary to popular belief, the organism does not work on a low flame during the night. Sleep requires as much energy as waking, reported Prof. Dr. in Munich Jürgen Zulley from the Sleep Medicine Center at the University of Regensburg. During sleep, the growth hormone is produced, which is required for the regeneration of skin and hair ("beauty sleep") and for bone growth. Lack of sleep accelerates aging and slows wound healing.

Restful sleep also makes you smarter: during the night's sleep, the brain organizes the experiences of the day and works on problem solving. On the other hand, lack of sleep leads to gaps in memory, reduces daytime work by 25 percent and makes the immune system more susceptible to diseases. Night and shift work increases the risk of heart disease, depression and affects the ability to drive. Prof. Zulley: “24 hours of sleep deprivation can affect the ability to react as much as a blood alcohol percentage.

People most often have trouble falling asleep. If you want to sleep well, you should therefore prefer light, protein-rich dishes for dinner. Carbohydrates are used less well in the evening than during the day, and lettuce is also more difficult to digest. Although alcohol makes you tired and your liver tolerates it better in the evening than in the morning, it is not a useful aid to falling asleep.

Herbal medicines, on the other hand, make sleep easier and without any undesirable side effects. The combination of valerian and hop extract in particular has proven to be effective in studies. For example, in a clinical, placebo-controlled study with 30 patients who were treated for four weeks with either the valerian-hops combination, valerian alone or with placebo. Those treated with the combination not only fell asleep significantly faster than patients from the other two groups, the proportion of deep sleep phases was also greater for them (Phytother Res 2007, 21 (9): 847-51). (KFN 01/2011 - 13.01.11)

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