Obesity therapies increased 12 percent

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Fully inpatient treatments for obesity patients increased by twelve percent

According to the Federal Statistical Office in Wiesbaden, around twelve percent more patients with diagnosed obesity were treated in Germany in 2009. A total of around 21,000 people were treated as inpatients due to obesity in preventive institutions or rehabilitation clinics. The proportion of cases treated was thus 12 percentage points higher than in 2004.

The gender distribution of the patients remained constant. The proportion of female patients was only slightly higher than that of male patients (53 percent). However, the proportion of young patients was particularly large. About 9,000 obesity patients were under the age of 18. This corresponds to a share of 43 percent of all patient data.

Obese people are people whose overweight is severe and pathological. According to the definition of the World Health Organization WHO, obesity is present when the BMI body mass index is 30 kg / m2. Another indicator is the percentage of body fat and its distribution (measured by waist circumference and waist-to-hip ratio). Obesity is particularly high in western industrialized countries. Statisticians and health researchers have been seeing rising numbers of illnesses for years. The main causes are unanimous lack of exercise and unhealthy eating habits. In Germany, every sixth German is already considered obese. (sb)

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