Pollen allergy: hazel and alder approaching

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Tips against the pollen plague: Hazel and alder approaching: Every fourth person suffers from hay fever. The health insurance company DAK advises against hyposensitization

The now rising temperatures now also let the pollen fly again. Allergy sufferers against hazel and alder pollen are affected, because now their blooming begins. Poplar, willow and ash follow in March. Nationwide, almost every fourth person now suffers from hay fever - and the trend is rising. The DAK therefore advises early hyposensitization. "This treatment has a success rate of 80 percent," says DAK doctor Elisabeth Thomas.

Hyposensitization possible from five years of age At the DAK, just under 50,000 insured persons took advantage of hyposensitization last year, which is now also available in drops - especially children and adolescents under the age of 18 and women. "Those affected usually benefit from the therapy in the first season," explains Elisabeth Thomas. "However, the treatment lasts between three and five years and should ideally be carried out in the hay fever-free period." If you miss this time, you can at least alleviate your symptoms this season with the help of medication. By the way, children should be older than five years when starting treatment.

Five tips against the pollen plague So that pollen time does not become a time of suffering, the DAK has put together five simple tips for everyday life:
- Only ventilate at night, then there is less pollen in the air.
- Take a short shower every night and wash your hair more often to get rid of the pollen.
- Do not leave the clothes you wore during the day in the bedroom.
- Avoid long walks during the main pollen season. It is best to go out after a downpour, then the least pollen is on the way.
- If possible, have a pollen filter installed in your car.

Treatment options of naturopathy
Naturopathy knows other treatment methods to alleviate symptoms of a pollen allergy. In addition to homeopathy, TCM, acupuncture and therapy with vital substances, those affected can also use autologous blood therapy, hypnotherapy, Bach flower remedies or intestinal rehabilitation. For more information, see the article Pollen & Hay Fever.

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Source: German Allergy and Asthma Association, DAK.

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