Birch pollen flight heralds hay fever

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Birch pollen flight heralds the hay fever high season

The first birch pollen is on the way. For many hay fever patients, the most strenuous time of the year is now approaching, as numerous allergy sufferers react particularly strongly to the birch pollen. How high the pollen load in the different regions of Germany can be found online in the various pollen flight calendars.

After hazel, willow and alder blooms have already peaked and triggered the first hay fever reactions this year, the birch bloom has now begun. Many allergy sufferers are now facing the hardest time of the year, because most hay fever patients react particularly sensitively to both the birch pollen flight and the subsequent grass pollen flights. The hay fever plague suffered in the past few years has become longer, because "the climate warming of the last 25 years (...) has led to a significantly longer pollen flight time in the year", the meteorologist Sandra Kannabei told the news agency "dpa".

Regional pollen count shown in pollen flight calendars With the start of birch pollen flight, this year's high season begins for hay fever patients. Where the load is and how strong can be checked online at any time in the various pollen flight calendars. Here, for example, the pollen information service operated by the FU Berlin Institute for Meteorology and the MeteoGroup weather service is available or the regional forecasts of the German Weather Service (DWD) that have been available since the beginning of 2011. "Since the start of flowering in Central Europe can fluctuate up to six weeks due to the weather" and the concentration of the released pollen depends crucially on the current weather, "targeted prevention for pollen allergy sufferers" can be "significantly improved" by such daily updated pollen flight calendars, emphasized the DWD spokesman Gerhard Lux. The pollen recorded by the DWD includes not only hazel, alder, birch and grass, but also mugwort and ambrosia. All in all, the pollen flight calendars offer a relatively good opportunity for allergy sufferers to find out about the current pollen count and to take appropriate preventive measures.

Protective measures against hay fever Dr. Wolfram Feussner, allergist and specialist for pulmonary and bronchial medicine from Kassel, advises hay fever patients to reduce personal stress by taking a few protective measures in the event of heavy pollen count. According to the expert, it is best to keep the windows closed and, if possible, only open them for airing when it rains and in the late evening, clothing worn outdoors should be washed frequently and not left in the bedroom, and drying of the laundry outdoors should be avoided. Also, hay fever patients should go to bed in the evening to wash their hair, Dr. recommends Feussner. In addition, allergy sufferers should get antihistamines from the pharmacy in good time so that they can react immediately in an emergency, the expert explained. Certain nasal sprays (only on prescription) or special eye drops are also recommended here, emphasized Dr. As an insider tip for protection against pollen, the specialist advises rubbing the inside of the nose with a little petroleum jelly and gargling with a little cooking oil after getting up. Anyone who no longer wants to be exposed to the recurring hay fever attacks can also use long-term, targeted immunotherapy to combat the allergic reactions, the allergist explained.

Relief of hay fever in naturopathy Numerous measures are also used in naturopathy, which do not address the symptoms of hay fever but its causes. Herbal therapies, relaxation procedures, magnetic field / bioresonance procedures, autologous blood therapies as well as self-suggestion, acupuncture and homeopathy have already been used to achieve comprehensive treatment successes. If the symptoms of hay fever cannot be remedied by naturopathic treatment, a visit to the doctor is recommended in any case, as untreated hay fever can lead to asthma and other bronchial disorders. (fp)

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