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Members of the insolvent City BKK massively unsettled

The insolvency of City BKK shook the industry and triggered massive insecurity among the insured. Almost 170,000 members of City BKK are currently looking for new health insurance, but the other statutory health insurance companies are apparently overwhelmed with the influx of potential new customers. Numerous complaints have been made to consumer centers in the past few days.

Since it became known that the City BKK had to be closed on July 1st as a result of chronic financial problems and continued membership decline, there has been massive uncertainty among the 168,000 members of the insolvent health insurer. You have to find a new insurance company, but the other statutory health insurance companies do not seem to help you much. Numerous City BKK insured persons have complained about the “wiping of the health insurance funds” in the past few days, the “Hamburger Abendblatt” quotes the Berlin patient representative, Karin Stötzner.

Health insurers overwhelmed by the rush of City BKK members The members of the insolvent City BKK need new health insurance by July 1st. This triggered a considerable rush in the offices of the other statutory health insurance funds, especially in Berlin, Hamburg and Stuttgart. However, health insurance companies are insufficiently prepared for the influx of potential new customers. For example, last week the Barmer GEK in Hamburg temporarily closed the customer center because of the "immense additional effort", explained the spokeswoman for the Barmer GEK, Viola Matzke. Other insurance companies, such as the German Employee Health Insurance Fund (DAK) and the Techniker Krankenkasse (TK), also admitted that they had not been prepared for the rush. However, the behavior of the other health insurance companies has caused further irritation among the members of the insolvent City BKK, who are already unsettled by the sudden closure of their health insurance company. Many of them felt that they were being turned away from the health insurance companies because they did not want to accept them. For this reason, numerous complaints have been received by the consumer advice centers in the past few days. The health insurance companies would use trickery to try to keep them from applying for membership, according to the frequent complaints from the older City BKK members.

Techniker Krankenkasse welcomes thousands of City BKK customers As a positive counterexample, the Techniker Krankenkasse should be mentioned here, according to which 13,000 former City BKK customers have already stayed. The majority of new customers were registered in Berlin, explained Marcus Dräger, spokesman for the TK and emphasized: "We are not fooling anyone." Given the almost 170,000 people who are looking for a new health insurance company, 13,000 new customers are only a small step away the way to the goal. According to Dräger, the TK had clear work instructions from the start that the City BKK members would be treated "just like everyone else", but the amount of work involved in attracting potential new customers is immense. "We are clearly dealing with an exceptional situation," Susanne Hertzer, head of the TK regional office in Berlin and Brandenburg, told the "Hamburger Abendblatt". That is why, according to Susanne Hetzer, TK has increased the number of customer advisory services in its branches. "Waiting times are not always to be avoided, but no one has let them drive you crazy" and in the end it is "everyone's turn and everyone who wants to be accepted," explained the head of the TK regional office in Berlin and Brandenburg.

Complaints by the insured about attempts to reject a child Although some statutory health insurance companies, such as Techniker Krankenkasse, are making every effort to accommodate City BKK customers, Susanne van Cleve, spokeswoman for the Berlin consumer advice center, has said that an increasing number of insured insolvencies have increased in recent days City BKK reported to the Berlin consumer center to complain and ask for advice. The Berlin patient representative, Karin Stötzner, added: "In three days, 40 City BKK insured people complained about the insurance company blowing away." Complaints against the AOK Nordost and the Barmer GEK were received particularly frequently. Some health insurance companies admitted insufficient preparation for the crowds of City BKK members, but all health insurance companies denied deliberately rejecting City BKK insured persons, reports the "Hamburger Abendblatt". "There may have been misunderstandings," Viola Matzke, spokeswoman for the Barmer GEK, commented on the allegations made by the insured. The other health insurers also gave misunderstandings as the reason for the complaints. However, the way some health insurance companies deal with potential new customers sometimes gives the impression that the insurance companies do not want to accept the former members of City BKK. This even seems understandable when you consider that City BKK has already had a kind of negative selection in the past two years, in the end of which a disproportionately large number of older insured people with significant health problems remained as customers. Since these insured persons incur more costs than their membership fees generate in income, it is quite conceivable that some health insurance companies would rather not take them in for financial reasons. (fp)

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