DKV stops building health centers

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DKV stops building health centers

Strategy change at the German Health Insurance (DKV). Private health insurance does not want to expand further health centers and medical networks in the future, a board member of DKV told the “Financial Times Deutschland”.

The German Health Insurance (DKV) has stopped the further expansion of its own health centers. This means that private health insurance is changing its strategy in the future direction of its business area. In 2003, DKV, now part of the Ergo Group, was the first private health insurance company to put a private medical health center into operation. In the following years, three more health centers were added.

Further expansion of health centers stopped However, DKV now wants to say goodbye to its original strategy and not expand the medical networks and health centers, the insurance company reported. Instead, advice and information from the insured should be placed more in the future. The board member of the DKV, Silke Lautenschläger, told the Financial Times Deutschland: "We understood that we cannot operate centers and networks across the board for DKV insured persons alone." but continue in the future. Freelance doctors work in the health centers, pay rent as well as a fee for administrative activities and explicitly take care of the private insured.

Originally up to 15 health centers planned. In addition to the sale of health insurance, the DKV wanted to open up a further business area in which additional customers were to be won by offering health services and special medical care. In addition to the existing health centers, another 10 to 15 units should follow across Germany. However, the model has not yet paid off for the DKV and the board of directors is now saying goodbye to further expansion of the health centers. Instead, advice and information for the insured should move back to the foreground of DKV's business activities. (fp)

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