Saw palmetto extracts for prostate complaints

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Naturopathy: Different saw palmetto preparations have different effects

Generalizations often lead to misjudgments. But while beliefs such as that love blinds, time heals all wounds or money opens all doors, sometimes only complicate life, wrongful judgments in medicine can have far-reaching consequences. The most recent example of this is the discussion about saw palmetto extracts for prostate complaints.

Every second German over 50 has prostate problems. Those affected have to go to the toilet very often, even at night, but often have difficulty urinating despite an increased urge. A number of both chemical-synthetic and herbal medicines are currently available to alleviate the symptoms. While the chemical preparations can cause side effects such as dizziness, headaches or even impotence, the herbal medicines are also very well tolerated in the long term. The current guidelines of the German Society for Urology on herbal prostate medication state: “The individual manufacturers use different extraction methods. This means that the products of the different manufacturers can vary in their composition, even if they are obtained from the same plant. This means that the results of basic research and clinical studies of a specific preparation cannot in principle be transferred to a preparation from another manufacturer. ”Unfortunately, this apparently happens anyway.

A study was recently published in the prestigious journal JAMA (Vol. 306, pp. 1344, 2011), in which researchers from Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston used 357 men with undiagnosed urinary discomfort for 18 months with an in Germany treated monopreparation from saw palmetto fruits. The herbal preparation did not work better than a placebo administered to the comparison group.

So overall not an exciting thing in medical science. Because there are studies in which the efficacy cannot be proven for almost every preparation. The process only gets annoying when all the saw palmetto extracts are inferred from the data of this preparation and their effectiveness is contested. The effectiveness of a combination of saw palmetto and nettle leaf extract in particular has been proven in several clinical studies. Not all cats are gray at night - even if some would like it! (KFN 12/2011)

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