Naturopathy: With TCM for stomach pain

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With Chinese medicine against bloating and stomach problems

Whether roast goose, raclette, marzipan bread or gingerbread - an extensive festive meal and sweets of all kinds are simply part of Christmas. Unfortunately, however, there are also the unpleasant sides of sumptuous meals such as stomach pain, feeling of fullness, heartburn or gastrointestinal complaints. Many resort to medication or the notorious digestive liquor for relief. However, what seems reasonable in the short term should not become a habit. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) offers a sensible alternative for those who suffer from gastrointestinal problems. To support the digestive function, it relies on the natural power of Chinese medicinal plants and, as a center of vitality, generally attaches a crucial role to general well-being in the abdominal region.

"In Chinese medicine, the abdomen is considered the central organ and not only represents the place where food is digested, but also a kind of transfer point for information and feelings," explains Dr. Christian Schmincke, TCM expert and head of the clinic at Steigerwald. He has to process, sort, distribute, store or excrete everything that people absorb from the outside.Therefore, in times of overwhelming demands due to the abundance of the range, the center increasingly reacts with constipation, diarrhea or painful flatulence Standards of Chinese medicine as an essential factor for a harmonious balance in the body.To correct energy derailments, TCM experts use the effects of herbal components such as roots, bark or tubers, which strengthen the natural clarifying functions of the organism, which become more physical Constitution based on an individual recipe for so-called called decoctions boiled, who drink in small sips. Dried tangerine peels help stimulate the digestive power, but tend to worsen heartburn.

To avoid gastrointestinal complaints, TCM experts advise that certain principles of nutrition according to Chinese medicine be taken into account. "People with a sensitive stomach should prefer fresh, seasonal foods and cook them completely without overcooking them," Dr. Schmincke recommends. Many also do not get the much recommended fruit and vegetable-rich diet, since raw food often cools and overwhelms the organism. The same applies to whole grains, which is why the Chinese always eat warm at breakfast, or with soup or rice porridge, the stomach can be optimally prepared for the hard hours ahead of it at the start of the day. According to Chinese medicine, certain foods even cause various symptoms. For example, many people with atopic dermatitis experience relief from their symptoms if they avoid alcohol, cheese and sugar, which Chinese medicine believes can be used to contain the "cloudy heat" in the blood, that is, the accumulation of inflammatory products causal connection with many blockages in the body and therefore represents a Wes is the starting point for comprehensive Chinese diagnosis and holistic therapy, "emphasizes Dr. However, Chinese medicine only becomes fully effective through the interlocking of the 5 pillars, which in addition to dietetics also include acupuncture, Chinese medicine therapy, Tuina massages and Qi Gong. (pm)

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