One in four dies of cancer

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World Cancer Day: Number of cancer cases continues to increase

On the occasion of World Cancer Day, which takes place on Saturday, the Federal Statistical Office in Wiesbaden announces current figures on the subject of cancer. According to this, malignant bronchial and lung tumors were the most common cancer with fatal consequences in 2010. Experts predict that the number of cancer cases will increase by a third by 2050. The main reason is the increasing age of the population, because age is the main risk factor for cancer.

Cancer is the second most common cause of death One in four dies from cancer. This is the current figure from the Federal Statistical Office. Cancer is the second leading cause of death after cardiovascular diseases with 352,689 deaths. A total of 218,889 people died of cancer in 2010, of which 100,687 were women and 118,202 were men. Almost a quarter of them were younger than 65.

Malignant lung and bronchial tumors were the most common fatal cancer, killing 42,972 people in 2010. Breast cancer resulted in death in 17,573 cases. With 17,161 and 15,488 cases, colon and pancreatic tumors were the third and fourth leading cause of death.

Number of breast cancer cases has risen rapidly According to an analysis by the KKH alliance, the number of cancer cases in Germany has increased rapidly. The analysis shows that the number of breast cancer cases among those insured under statutory health insurance rose from around 17,000 in 2006 to over 24,000. The comparison was similarly clear for prostate cancer. During the same period, the number of cases rose from around 8,500 to over 12,000. The KKH alliance takes this as an opportunity to remind its insured of early cancer detection, which should take place once a year.

Preventive screening and cancer screening measures are important tools in the fight against cancer. The earlier an appropriate diagnosis is made, the greater the chances of recovery. According to an analysis of the insurance data from 2010, the Techniker Krankenkasse (TK) came to the conclusion that men go to cancer prevention far less often than women. Only 26 percent of men use the offer in the described period. Although the statutory health insurance companies pay for the examination once a year from the age of 45, only a good quarter use the opportunity for early detection.

The TK also announced that women took advantage of the offer to a much greater extent. In 2010, around 59 percent of women went to cancer prevention, which is covered by the statutory health insurance funds from the age of 20. The willingness to do such examinations is therefore “trained” much earlier in women. (ag)

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