Color Easter eggs with natural colors

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Color Easter eggs with natural colors from spinach, red cabbage and beetroot

All kinds of coloring agents for coloring Easter eggs are available on the market. Many of these products contain artificial colors that favor allergies and are harmful to the environment. There are numerous ways to color the eggs with natural colors. Colorful vegetables such as beetroot, onions or spinach let the eggs shine well.

Artificial dyes can provoke allergic reactions
Easter makes children's hearts beat faster. As is the custom for the Resurrection Festival, colored Easter eggs should not be missing. But many of the dyes on the market contain artificial substances that can lead to reddening of the skin, itching and even asthma. Plastics such as tartrazine (E 102) and azorubin (E 122) are responsible for this. In some cases, eating the artificially colored eggs even provoked asthma attacks, as the consumer initiative in Berlin explained. When the eggs are boiled, small cracks appear on the eggshell, which means that even the smallest amounts of dyes can get inside the egg. The result: the substances are eaten by children and adults. In addition, according to some study data, artificial colors are suspected of increasing the risk of attention problems in children.

Natural coloring of Easter eggs
For Easter there is no need to do without coloring Easter eggs. To naturally color red eggs, beetroot or red onion peel can be used. A golden or yellow color is best made with black tea, onion and walnut shells. Spinach, parsley and nettle are suitable for green eggs. Blue or purple Easter eggs are colored with the help of red cabbage and elderberry juice.

The choice of eggs is crucial. Instead of brown, white eggs are useful so that the color comes into its own. The bowl should be as smooth as possible, since the paint usually adheres and glows better on a smooth surface. So that not only the children are happy, the eggs should come from organic farms where the chickens can run free. Because organic is not synonymous with species-appropriate husbandry.

In order to avoid cracks on the eggs, small eggs should be bought. These were primarily laid by young chickens and have a thicker shell. The lime bowl holds better when cooking.

Natural brew must boil for 45 minutes
In order to use the natural ingredients, 500 ml of water is added depending on the color desired. Put 250 grams of the vegetables and a dash of vinegar into the water. The brew must then cook for up to three quarters of an hour. Only then are the eggs added and boiled for about 8 to 10 minutes. So that the eggs color well, the eggs should be rubbed well again with vinegar, according to consumer advocates. If there are no cracks on the eggs, they can be stored in the refrigerator for up to four weeks. After that, the eggs should no longer be eaten.

For Easter, you can also eat two or three eggs. Because the eggs contain a variety of beneficial nutrients and vitamins. The body can use chicken egg protein particularly well and use it to build up its own proteins. An average egg contains around four grams of polyunsaturated fatty acids and minerals such as iron, phosphorus, selenium, zinc, calcium and all vitamins except vitamin C. (sb)

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