Future dialogue: cannabis clearance in second place

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Cannabis legalization in second place in Merkel's Future Dialogue

Until the 15th in an exciting finale in the last few days, the hemp friends have overtaken the "Islam critics" who were long in first place. The proposal to legalize cannabis for adults came in second with a good 152,000 votes out of 6,386 suggestions.
Maximilian Plenert and Georg Wurth from DHV, who submitted the successful proposal, regret the lack of technology in the dialogue on the future. Being able to vote for a proposal more than once affects the credibility of the results.

"We would have preferred a vote without manipulation possibilities. We are convinced that we would have been at the top even then," said Georg Wurth. "Certainly there were also people who voted several times on the DHV proposal. However, the DHV never called for it, but always rejected appropriate recommendations."

"Even the high number of over 5,000 comments on our proposal makes it clear that cannabis is actually of great interest to citizens," Maximilian Plenert adds. This is also supported by the fact that the two DHV representatives are not successfully presenting their topic for the first time. In the fall of 2011, Plenert was the most successful questioner on Merkel's first attempt at public participation on YouTube with his question about cannabis legalization. With his petition to decriminalize cannabis users with over 31,000 signatures, Wurth has placed it in the top league of all petitions submitted so far. And in this case, users had to register online or enter names and addresses on signature lists, so that manipulation was impossible. The almost 2,400 comments on the website of the Petitions Committee make it clear how great the public's interest in this topic is.

The media had discredited the cannabis proposal for the future dialogue partly in the same breath with "gun fools" and "Islam enemies" as suspicious input of a marginalized group. Plenert and Wurth want to make it clear at their appointment at the Chancellery that they represent a large part of the population with their demand. They see themselves in line with the Global Commission on Drug Policy, which last year had pioneered new approaches in drug policy with prominent members such as Javier Solana and Kofi Annan. (pm)

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