Hartz IV: Debt relief for people insured with private health insurance

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Upon application, the PKV can waive the debts of Hartz IV recipients

The private health insurance companies (PKV) have agreed with the Federal Ministry of Health to waive debt relief for privately insured debtors in Hartz IV. The decree applies to contribution debts from the years 2009 to the end of 2011. The Ministry announced this in its current newsletter "Health Policy Information". However, an informal application must first be received by the insurer in order for the debt account to be cleaned up.

The private health insurance funds have agreed with the federal government to waive the debt for those receiving Hartz IV benefits. In return, the Federal Government has agreed to take over the full coverage of a basic tariff from privately insured Hartz IV recipients with immediate effect. Previously, recipients of basic security and social assistance were only granted a share by the job centers. The rest - roughly half - had to be covered by the regular unemployment benefit II standard benefits. The result was that most of the insured became indebted to their providers and only received emergency care.

Federal Social Court declared previous practice to be unlawful. A judgment at the Federal Social Court in Kassel preceded this. A Hartz IV beneficiary complained through all instances because he considered it unfair that unemployment benefit II beneficiaries who are legally insured receive full coverage from the employment agencies, but privately insured people are left behind. The top social judges awarded the plaintiff law and judged the previous practice to be illegal. If the person concerned is not allowed to return to the statutory health insurance funds, the service providers must assume the full costs of the health insurance, provided the benefits correspond to those of the statutory health insurance funds.

Basic tariff for Hartz IV recipients According to this, the private insurance companies have to include unemployed unemployed insured persons in Hartz IV in a basic tariff. Since they are "in need of help" according to the law as ALG II recipients, half the amount of the tariff, ie a maximum of 296.44 euros per month, must be applied. Since April 1, 2012, this amount has been transferred directly from the job centers to the insurers. Those affected must prove the level of health insurance to the job center by submitting the insurance contract. If there is another contract, the unemployed can (and should) switch to the basic tariff in order to fully cover the costs. If you do not do this, the service providers will only pay the amount that would be due under a basic tariff. The remaining amount must then still be paid from the standard rate.

Debt relief for delinquent payers Privately insured persons who, due to the illegal practice of the authorities, were unable to pay their insurance premiums in full, are entitled to debt relief. In order to achieve this, the debtors must apply for debt relief from their private health insurance. The editorial team “gegen-hartz.de” has submitted a sample application for this purpose online. In addition, affected insured persons must prove that they need help by sending a copy of the Hartz IV notices for the years concerned with the application. Attention: "There is no automatic debt relief! The insurance company will only waive the debt on request, ”reports Sebastian Bertram of“ gegen-hartz.de ”. Without such an application, the insured remain on their debts, the expert explains.

This agreement is a real blessing for those affected. If the PKV has confirmed the debt relief on request, the full health benefits can be used again. For many, only emergency care was available, which occurs when excessive amounts of debt accumulate. (lg)

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