Mold in the vacuum cleaner filter

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Mold risk: Thoroughly dry the vacuum cleaner filter

Mold can also lurk in the filter of vacuum cleaners. The vacuum cleaner filters therefore urgently need to be kept dry and cleaned regularly, the TÜV Süd warns in a current message. Both the filter and the collecting container of vacuum cleaners need regular cleaning. For this purpose, the filters of most devices can be removed and washed. Before reinstalling, the vacuum cleaner filters should, however, be completely dry to avoid the formation of mold, TÜV Süd emphasizes.

Vacuum cleaners also need care so that they remain fully functional and do not pose a health risk to users. The filters and the collecting containers should be cleaned thoroughly at regular intervals. The dirt collection containers for bagless vacuum cleaners can be easily emptied and then cleaned with a damp cloth. If in doubt, the hose and nozzles can be cleaned with detergent and warm water. However, the parts should dry well before reassembly. Exhaust air filters and motor protection filters can be removed and washed from most bagless devices as well as conventional vacuum cleaners, explained TÜV Süd. However, the filters must also be completely dry before reinstallation, so that no mold can form, warn the experts from TÜV.

If mold forms in the filters of the vacuum cleaner, at worst it will be distributed in the air when using the device and can cause considerable health problems for the user. Those affected already face symptoms such as headache, fatigue, concentration problems, nausea and vomiting from regular contact with small amounts of the mold spores. In the long run, exposure to mold can lead to serious impairments of the bronchi, from which chronic respiratory diseases such as asthma may develop. In addition, mold is considered a favorable factor for the occurrence of allergies. In order to avoid such loads, the instructions from TÜV Süd for cleaning vacuum cleaner filters and collecting containers should be taken into account urgently. (fp)

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