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500 deaths from diabetes drugs - process has started

Trial of the fatal consequences of the diabetes mediator has started. In 2010, it was announced that the diabetes drug could be used to kill at least 500 people. 18 months after the scandal became known, the criminal case against the 90-year-old chief of the pharmaceutical company, Jacques Servier, has now been opened.

Around 350 sufferers are demanding compensation from the pharmaceutical manufacturer because the dangers of the diabetes drug have long been known and the patients here were exposed to a potentially fatal health risk for purely profit reasons. The criminal trial was opened in Nanterre near Paris on Monday. According to the indictment, the drug Mediator (active ingredient: Benfluorex) is responsible for the deaths of 500 to 2,000 patients.

3,500 hospitalizations due to the use of the diabetes medication Mediator From 1976 to 2009, the diabetes medication of the pharmaceutical manufacturer Servier was prescribed mainly in France, whereas the preparation was not approved in Germany and Austria, for example - possibly for good reason. According to the French health authorities, around 3,500 people have been hospitalized in France over the past thirty years because of the use of the drug Mediator, and at least 500 patients have died as a result of the use. At the end of 2009, the information had condensed to such an extent that the French drug regulator was forced to ban Mediator in France because of the massive side effects.

Accepted the death of hundreds of patients out of greed for profit? As part of the lawsuit, the accused chief of the pharmaceutical manufacturer Servier is now accused of having continued to offer the diabetes medication with fraudulent intent, even though he had known the health risks for a long time. Mediator was prescribed not only for the immediate treatment of diabetes, but also as an appetite suppressant. In doing so, the company negligently accepted the killing or at least the serious health damage to customers, according to the accusation. Until recently, the pharmaceutical company had denied any responsibility and ruled out a connection with the deaths. However, movement suddenly came into play at the beginning of last year after it was foreseeable that the indictment against the company would be approved and that a conviction is quite likely. The second largest French pharmaceutical manufacturer then offered to set up a compensation fund in the amount of 20 million euros. However, the company also caused more annoyance than approval for those affected, since if the lawsuit is successful, the total amount of damages is 200 million euros - ten times the amount of the offer. (fp)

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