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Healthy strawberries with lots of vitamins and minerals

When strawberries glow deep red and smell delicious, hardly anyone can resist. In addition to a high vitamin C content, the summer fruits contain many minerals and have little calories - the ideal slimming product for the bikini figure.

Strawberries are slimming strawberries have many healthy ingredients. Their vitamin C content is higher than that of oranges. An adult's daily vitamin C requirements can be covered with just 120 grams of strawberries. They also contain a lot of folic acid, which is particularly beneficial for women and pregnant women. 100 grams of strawberries correspond to 16 percent of the daily need for folic acid. The red fruits also contain numerous minerals such as potassium and magnesium, which strengthen the heart. Even if you pay attention to the slim line, you can eat strawberries carefree. They contain just 32 calories per 100 grams.

Strawberries taste best when they are freshly picked. The fruits offered by the producer in markets are usually collected the same morning. Whether pure or processed into jam, the fresher the strawberries are, the tastier they are. If they still cannot be eaten or processed immediately, the style should not be removed. The fruits last the longest if they are spread out on a kitchen paper in the refrigerator without touching. The strawberries should only be washed thoroughly shortly before they are consumed.

Growing strawberries yourself Ambitious allotment gardeners can also grow the fruits themselves. The young plants, which are sold in nurseries or directly from the producer, can be planted in autumn or early spring. A slightly sandy, well-drained soil mixed with a little compost is best. When watering, care should be taken to keep the leaves dry due to the risk of mold. The floor can be covered with straw for protection. Then the leaves cannot touch the wet ground and the fruits are protected from earth splashes when it rains.

If you prefer to buy your strawberries in the supermarket, you should pay attention to the country of origin. The first free-range strawberries from Germany are available from the beginning to mid-May, depending on the weather. (ag)

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