ZDF: Are energy-saving lamps dangerous to health?

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TV magazine "ZDF-Zoom": Energy-saving lamps can endanger health

From September 1, 2012, the conventional light bulbs will have completely disappeared from the German market. This is what the European Commission wants and has also massively strengthened the sales of energy-saving lamp manufacturers. As the television magazine “ZDFZoom” reports in its current edition, the new “eco lamps” are not ecologically sensible at all. The energy-saving lamps can cause lasting damage to consumer health, as the magazine's author found out during her research.

Saving energy is in the interests of the environment, that is the real goal of the introduction of energy-saving lamps. The handling phase expires on September 1st of this year. Then there should be no more conventional light bulbs to buy. But what about the possible damage to health that can result from the new energy-saving lamp? ZDF editor Alexandra Pfeil investigated this question.

Damage to health from broken energy-saving lamps and vapors
"If the lamps fall and break, highly toxic mercury is released," explains chemist Gary Zörner. "Every little bit of mercury makes us a little bit stupid," says the expert. For this reason, Zörner strongly advises against using energy-saving lamps in the home.

Even if the lamp does not break and only runs in normal operation, the health of people can be damaged by flickering light and electromagnetic radiation. An NDR report from 2011 already showed that the "eco lamps" separate the phenol pollutant, which is suspected of causing cancer. The current program also says, "Apparently toxic and carcinogenic substances can even be secreted from the supposedly environmentally-friendly energy-saving lamp." Electrosmog is even 20 times higher than the limit values ​​for PC monitors for some lamps.

Cheap products from China
One reason is that the European market is flooded with cheap products from China. It is reported time and again that in Chinese factories workers are poisoned with mercury. "Could it be that people get poisoned at work because they manufacture an allegedly ecological product for European manufacturers?" The author Alexandra Pfeil investigated the suspicion and apparently made a terrifying discovery. The ZDF program “Toxic Light - The Dark Side of the Energy-Saving Lamp” will run at 10:45 p.m. next Wednesday and will answer some questions. Predicate recommendable. (sb)

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