High risk of skin cancer in every fifth child

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Every fifth kindergarten child has an increased risk of skin cancer due to sunburn

According to a recent survey by the European Skin Cancer Foundation (ESCF), every fifth kindergarten child has already had a sunburn. This increases the risk of developing skin cancer later in life. For this reason, the ESCF supports the kindergarten project "SunPass - healthy sun fun for children" together with the German Cancer Society (DKG) and the state cancer societies as part of the nationwide awareness campaign "Don't let it roast" in order to provide targeted information about early protection against skin cancer. Are parents too carefree about the topic "Increased risk of skin cancer from sunburn"?

According to the survey results, many parents seem to underestimate the risk of aggressive UV radiation. Because every sunburn increases the risk of developing skin cancer later. 3,400 parents were interviewed for the skin cancer foundation survey. The terrifying result: Every fifth kindergarten child had sunburn at least once. For Professor Eggert Stockfleth, Chairman of the ESCF, there is an urgent need for action, since skin cancer "is almost becoming an epidemic". Dermatologists would diagnose around 220,000 new cases every year.

Children who have frequent sunburns would therefore have a significantly increased risk of skin cancer. “Children's skin is particularly at risk. This skin is still very sensitive and does not have natural mechanisms to protect itself from UV radiation, ”explains Stockfleth. "Correct sun protection must therefore begin at an early age." But if you believe the survey, parents seem to be far too careless when it comes to preventing skin cancer. According to this, only 14 percent of the parents surveyed put hats on their children when playing outdoors. Only eight percent of the survey participants stated that they consciously pay attention to sun-protecting clothing for their child.

Too thick a “sun account” can lead to skin cancer Stockfleth reports that every person has a lifelong “sun account”: “They pay into their sun account, but can never withdraw anything again.” This would make the relatively unknown population over the years Develop light skin cancer Even in the face of some 220,000 new cases of cancer, unlike more dangerous black skin cancer, this type of cancer is unknown to some doctors. Last Thursday, the nationwide campaign "Don't let it roast" started to educate you about light skin cancer. On the one hand, the ESCF and the DKG want to draw attention to the free skin cancer screening from the age of 35 every two years, which has been used by around 22 million Germans to date. On the other hand, the population should be made aware of the risk of developing light skin cancer. In 100 cities, material on the topic is to be displayed in dermatology practices and at information stands.

In addition, the project "SunPass - healthy sun fun for children" was launched by the ESCF in cooperation with the DKG and the state cancer societies to educate about the protection against skin cancer in childhood. Kindergartens that have successfully completed sun protection training receive the "Sun Protection Kindergarten" award. So far, 70 awards have been given. 60 more are to follow in the coming months, as the ESCF informs on its website.

Rising numbers of new cases of skin cancer Experts continue to expect rising numbers of new cases of skin cancer every year. Stockfleth explains that about seven to eight percent more new cases are added each year. "It will continue to do so for the next 20 years," says the expert. In his opinion, the cause lies primarily in the travel habits of the Germans. Today, the generation of 50-year-olds is particularly affected, who for the first time travels frequently due to low-cost flights would go south.

"Sun protection is no longer just a summer topic," emphasizes Stockfleth. “Families are increasingly traveling to southern countries in winter or traveling to the mountains to ski. The knowledge of sun protection is therefore part of every trip to the sun, regardless of the season. ”(Ag)

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