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erdrot - Practice for Naturopathy in Berlin: The prevention and therapy of burnout and stress-related complaints is one of the main focuses of my practice. As a certified therapist, I use i.a. cell symbiosis therapy (CST) according to Heinrich Kremer. This treatment concept starts where diseases arise - in the body cells.

With the help of modern laboratory diagnostics, it is possible for me to determine the extent of the individual stress load on the cells, to uncover loads and deficits in the cell metabolism. This enables me to create an individual and efficient therapy concept. In addition to the CST, the procedures used in my practice also include vital substance therapies, immunotherapies, detoxification therapies, therapies to improve blood circulation, intestinal health, nutritional therapy, cell regeneration and cell building, interference field, segment and local pain therapy.

Earth Red - Practice for Naturopathy
Lietzenburger Str. 54
10719 Berlin Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf
Tel: 030-33853377
Mail: [email protected]

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