Cancer aid warns of skin cancer through solarium

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Around 800 deaths from solarium visitors due to skin cancer all over Europe

After a summer beach vacation, young women in particular like to lie down on the tanning bed to get their tan. However, doctors and scientists strongly warn against the artificial tan. The risk of developing aggressive black skin cancer, the so-called malignant melanoma, doubles on the tanning bed.

Black skin cancer is particularly dangerous Every year around 800 solarium users die from melanoma in Europe due to excessive tanning, ”reports Hans-Peter Krämer, CEO of the German Cancer Aid. "It is therefore important to us to specifically educate young people in particular about this easily avoidable cancer risk factor." In total, around 224,000 new cases of skin cancer occur in Germany every year. In around 26,000 cases, it is the particularly dangerous black skin cancer. According to the German Cancer Aid, around 3,000 melanoma patients die each year “from the consequences of their tumor disease”. Malignant melanoma is so dangerous because it develops daughter tumors at a very early stage and is difficult to cure. More and more young people, especially young women, are affected by black skin cancer.

UV radiation causes the skin to age and causes skin cancer According to the "Sun Study 2012", 3,500 cases of melanoma out of a total of almost 64,000 new cases in 18 Western European countries can be directly attributed to the use of sun beds. Around 800 deaths per year are caused by solariums in these countries. "The need for information in Germany about the risk of skin cancer from solariums is high," explains Gerd Nettekoven, general manager of the German Cancer Aid. It is particularly frightening that 167,000 of the current solarium users are not yet of age German cancer aid therefore calls for stricter controls. "Young people hope to increase their well-being and attractiveness by visiting a solarium. However, they massively underestimate the risk of skin cancer that comes from UV rays from the solarium devices," said Nettekoven Cancer help on the website Compiled information on the topic of skin cancer and solariums.Using an app for smartphones, users can make their friends age quickly and the increasing skin aging as a visible consequence of too intense strong UV -Experience rays. (ag)

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