Water pipe break in Asklepios clinic in Hamburg

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After the water pipe broke in the Asklepios clinic, the emergency room was put back into operation

Two houses of the Hamburg Asklepios Clinic in the St. Georg district were flooded by a broken water pipe. The emergency room of the hospital was also affected by the broken water pipe. As a result, some departments had to be temporarily closed, the clinic management announced. The emergency room has reopened this morning. As a result, experts will examine the damaged clinic buildings for damage and cause. The results should be announced this evening at the earliest.

According to a press spokesman for the clinic, “after the water pipe broke last night, the central emergency room (ZNA) was closed until around 10 p.m. because of the rescue work by the fire brigade. The ZNA has gradually resumed its work since late in the evening and has been in operation again since the night. ”

Defective water pipe cause
The reason for the large-scale use of the fire service was a defective water pipe. A water pipe with a circumference of around 10 centimeters in diameter was broken. As a result, water entered the basement and then two buildings of the privately operated clinic. The damage to the water pipe resulted in a crater that was around 1000 centimeters in size and 2000 centimeters in length. This caused the water to leak between the two houses. The central emergency room is located in one of the affected clinics. The dialysis facility is in the other building. However, at least the dialysis station was not operated at night. Due to the closed department, emergencies had to be moved to other hospitals. As a result, two elevators could no longer be used because the elevator shafts were also full of water. The intensive care unit also had to be closed during the mission.

Experts inspect damaged buildings
“Today, in the course of the morning, experts and technicians visit the affected buildings and the site. Further information (such as the amount of damage) is not expected before the afternoon, ”says the clinic. The fire department spokesman Hendrik Frehse said there was no serious impairment of the hospital's operation.

The fire service lasted about three hours. "We have pumped out around 300 cubic meters of water," said a Hamburg fire department spokesman. According to the fire department control center, a total of 50 emergency services were on site. To the best of our knowledge, there were no injured or injured patients. (sb)

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