Meningitis wave: more drugs contaminated?

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200 people infected, 15 deaths lamented: have other drugs triggered the meningitis wave?

As the US authorities said, the meningitis wave with a total of 15 fatalities so far was not only caused by a fungus-contaminated drug. Rather, two other drugs are suspected of also being responsible for meningitis.

Two other remedies identified as causative
According to information from the United States authorities, two other drugs may be responsible for the infection wave of patients in the United States. "We have identified two other possible medications as the cause," said a spokesman for the FDA on Monday. "Two patients developed meningitis during a heart operation." The infection took place after the injection of a muscle paralysis agent, the FDA said.

Funds come from the same pharmaceutical manufacturer
Another patient was also diagnosed with meningitis after the administration of steroids, which were also administered intravenously. It is striking that both drugs also come from the pharmaceutical manufacturer NECC. However, the FDA spokesman for the agency emphasized that no direct context between the injections administered and meningitis could be confirmed at this time.

15 fatalities so far
"The investigations are currently in full swing," said the FDA. To date, over 200 patients have contracted meningitis in connection with contaminated steroid injections. At least 15 people died of meningitis.

The medication contaminated with the fungus was produced by the pharmaceutical company NECC in Massachusetts. After the meningitis wave became known, the company called back all doses of the agent. In addition, the entire production was discontinued and the license returned.

The symptoms of meningitis are similar to viral flu in the early stages. Patients suffer from headaches, body aches, and later from stiff neck, fever, and severe fatigue. Meningitis affects the meninges and spinal membranes as well as the sheaths of the central nervous system. The infectious disease can be caused by viruses, bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms. Basically, the disease is life-threatening. Affected patients in the United States are currently receiving intravenous therapy against the pathogen. (sb)

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