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Advice from a dietitian can help you lose weight

A Dutch study showed the economic benefits of nutritional advice for the health system and society: According to this, Dutch society receives up to 63 for every euro spent on diet treatment by a dietician for patients with obesity and comorbidities Euros back.

The positive effects of nutritional counseling in patients with overweight or obesity and one or more comorbidities are well documented in the international scientific literature. However, an analysis of the specific financial benefits has so far been lacking. It has now carried out the Dutch SEO Economisch Onderzoek, a foundation that carries out independent economic research and works with the University of Amsterdam.

The Dutch Association of Dieticians NVD (Nederlandse Vereniging van Diёtisten) gave the order. Using the example of the large group of overweight or obese patients as well as the concomitant diseases type 2 diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure and / or high blood lipids (hyperlipidemia), the researchers used scientific data to calculate the financial benefit of professional nutritional advice.

Result: In the Netherlands, an average of 4.5 hours a year is estimated for outpatient nutritional advice. The economic benefit for patients with obesity and the associated comorbidities alone, calculated over a period of five years, is up to EUR 2.3 billion. The benefits in terms of quality of life, other care costs (e.g. hospital admissions, medication consumption) and labor productivity were taken into account.

That means: For every euro spent on nutritional advice by a dietician, the Dutch economy gets back up to 63 euros over a period of five years. In other cost-benefit analyzes for a (medical) intervention carried out by SEO Economisch Onderzoek, the benefit for each euro spent was 3 to 5 euros over a period of five years. This makes professional diet advice by the dietician very cost-effective.

Dietitians therefore make a significant contribution to improving patient health and patient safety and, moreover, to relieving the financial burden on the health system. The VDD supports the inclusion of outpatient nutritional counseling in the GKV's catalog of services and eagerly awaits the upcoming decision of the Federal Joint Committee (GBA). The study can be summarized here.

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