Food poisoning: 17 students in the hospital

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17 students from Hünfeld suspected of food poisoning in hospital

Because of the suspicion of food poisoning, several students had to be hospitalized in the Fulda district. The fifth graders of the school in Hünfeld had baked pizza rolls together and then complained of severe abdominal pain. The complaints of seven students were so massive that they were brought to the Fulda Clinic by ambulance. As a precaution, ten other students with less pronounced symptoms were admitted to the Helios Klinik Hünfeld.

Around an hour and a half after the fifth-grade students had eaten the pizza rolls, they developed symptoms that could indicate food poisoning. Whether the homemade pizza rolls were actually the cause of the complaints should now be determined on the basis of seized leftovers. According to the authorities, there is a suspicion that spoiled or bacteria-contaminated food triggered the symptoms. The veterinary office of the district of Fulda will only be able to present results in a few days.

Food poisoning from home-made pizza rolls According to the district, the seven children who were brought to the Fulda Clinic by ambulance are largely well again and some were able to leave the hospital on Tuesday after completing the necessary examinations. Of the ten children who were brought to Helios Klinik Hünfeld as a precaution, seven were allowed to return home yesterday afternoon. Now the result of the laboratory tests on the leftovers is eagerly awaited. However, a connection with the jointly produced pizza roll seems extremely likely. (fp)

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