Illegally disposed toxic waste at the landfill?

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Illegally disposed toxic waste at the landfill in the Bavarian town of Dorfen

The disposal of toxic waste and other pollutants is generally a sensitive issue. If the legal requirements are not met, massive health risks for the population can easily arise. In Bavaria, the apparently illegal disposal of carcinogenic building rubble is currently causing a sensation. A Kraillingen waste disposal company is suspected of having dumped the toxic debris from greed for years on landfill sites not intended for this purpose.

Part of the cancer-causing rubble also ended up in a landfill in the small Bavarian town of Dorfen. Current measurement results from a landfill in Mühldorf make it clear that the permissible limit values ​​have been exceeded significantly and that the building rubble should not have ended up in the landfill. Although the landfill in Dorfen is generally also suitable for accepting contaminated waste, a spokesman for the Erdinger district office reported that the planned limit values ​​were not exceeded in this way. This material does not belong there, the authorities explained. However, there is no acute danger to the population. An entry into the groundwater was also not to be expected.

33 landfills with contaminated building rubble and crushed stone delivered The scandal surrounding the supposedly illegal disposal of contaminated material by the disposal company Technosan is currently making considerable waves in Bavaria. After the Altötting district office received information about the company's machinations, the responsible authorities identified 33 facilities across Bavaria that were supplied with contaminated material. This included a gravel plant in Dorfen. The landfill operator was apparently deceived by the disposal company for years about the danger of construction rubble, according to the state of investigation of the Oberbayern-Süd police department in Rosenheim. The landfill operator was shocked by the media and very angry about the events that have now been uncovered.

Special commission "Disposal" determined On November 28, the Erdinger district office also became aware of the machinations of the waste disposal company and has been investigating suspected cases since then. To date, Technosan has been given a deadline to show how the illegally dumped toxic waste should be disposed of. In Dorfen, this is only “a minimal amount” that the company has unloaded there, but this too has to be removed quickly, the landfill operator explained. However, he could not give an appointment for the removal. When the time comes, the action will of course be monitored by the district office and accompanied by measurements. The technosan company will hopefully bring further clarification to the circumstances of illegal disposal by the special commission "Disposal" of the police department in Upper Bavaria-South. However, this is still relatively early in its investigations and will initially take a closer look at all the landfills affected.

Enormous profits from illegal disposal Technosan should have processed the contaminated rubble and ballast and disposed of properly. However, the contaminated material was apparently not sufficiently detoxified by the company, but instead simply mispronounced and handed over to the landfill for significantly lower fees, some of which did not even have the authorization to accept such contaminated material. According to the previous investigation, the company was able to generate enormous profits through this improper disposal. Proceedings against fraud and environmental violations have been initiated against the management of the waste disposal company. However, the process in Bavaria is by no means an isolated case, because windy businessmen have repeatedly tried to increase their own income by illegally disposing of toxic waste or contaminated material. Such cases rarely come into the public eye. It is all the more important that the law is used to combat illegal activities with all harshness. (fp)

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