Alternative practitioner Herbert Götzelmann

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Naturheilpraxis Herbert Götzelmann: The focus of my work is complaints in the musculoskeletal system and chronic diseases. As therapy methods I offer: Dorn method, Breuss massage, acupuncture, homeopathy, Schuessler salt therapy. New is leech therapy, an old healing method that has recently been used increasingly by us again. As a preventive measure against many ailments, I offer yoga therapy and yoga classes in small groups. In the warm yoga studio we learn yoga exercises that are also suitable for people who have back pain and health problems in the spine and joints. The exercises help us to maintain and improve stability and flexibility and to relieve pain. The psychological effect is also important: Yoga has a psychologically balancing and relaxing effect.

Naturopathic practice Herbert Götzelmann
Industrial ring 8
85238 Petershausen
Tel: 0152-29271575
Mail: [email protected]

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