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Dutch scandal doctor released from Heilbronn Clinic

The scandal doctor from the Netherlands accused of physical injury not only worked in Heilbronn but also at the Worms Clinic. However, the clinic's management rules out any damage to the patient's health because the neurologist was only under the supervision of other doctors and as an assistant doctor had not made any independent decisions, reports the news agency "dpa". Meanwhile, the SLK clinics in Heilbronn have all treatments in which the Dutch doctor was involved checked by external experts.

In the Netherlands, the 67-year-old doctor is accused of 21 cases of serious physical injury. According to the medical practitioner, numerous patients were massively injured by misdiagnoses while the doctor was working in the hospital in Enschede from 1998 to 2003. However, the allegations were not known in Germany and so the neurologist first found employment in the Worms clinic before moving to the SLK clinics in Heilbronn. After the accusations from the Netherlands became known to the hospital management in Heilbronn, the hospital immediately separated from the doctor. Health damage to patients in this country was initially ruled out by both the managing director of the clinic in Worms, Friedrich Haas, and the managing director of the SLK clinics Heilbronn, Thomas Jendges. However, the question remains how the scandal doctor could be hired.

Numerous patients injured by misdiagnosis and unnecessary surgery The list of allegations against the doctor is long and sometimes includes unbelievable misconduct. Not only was the scandal doctor released from the Enschede Clinic in 2003 due to drug addiction and suspicion of infidelity, he apparently had also massively endangered the patient's health due to numerous misdiagnoses. Based on the wrong diagnosis of diseases such as Alzheimer's, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson's, some of them took medication for years and were even operated on unnecessarily, according to the indictment against the doctor. In more than ten cases, the false finding has led to unnecessary brain surgery, with 12.5 centimeters of brain tissue removed from one of the affected patients, explained the plaintiff's lawyer in the Netherlands. The public prosecutor's office in the scandal doctor's home country speaks of the largest medical criminal trial in the history of the Netherlands.

Scandal doctor was able to present all the necessary papers when hired. According to media reports in the Netherlands, the scandal doctor had voluntarily removed himself from the medical register in 2006 under pressure from the Enschede Clinic. However, this did not stop him from looking for employment in Germany. According to the managing director of the SLK clinics in Heilbronn, the doctor was also able to provide "all necessary qualifications - including a German license - when hiring". The "approval of the controversial Dutch doctor was effective" and "a certificate of no objection from the Netherlands was available to the issuing authority", the SLK clinics report in a current press release. At the moment, however, the processes in personnel administration to check the hiring of the scandal doctor have not yet been completed.

Examination of the treatments of the scandal doctor by external experts. Although there were rumors in Heilbronn in 2011 that the doctor did not have a valid license, the doctor was able to present a valid German license from 2006 as well as a valid specialist certificate, which is why “no objection against continued employment ”, said the SLK clinics. "In order to make sure that Heilbronn patients have not been harmed by the doctor," the SLK clinics currently have "according to their own information" the relevant files checked by a medical commission from external experts. "The neurological clinic of the Heidelberg University Hospital has agreed to undertake this review. All patients who are concerned that the scandal doctor has not properly treated them at the SLK clinics are asked to contact the neurology clinic. So far, two patients have reported to the SLK clinics in this regard.

Black list required for medical professionals The career of the Dutch scandal doctor at German clinics gives a lot to think about. According to the SLK clinics, the neurologist came to the hospital in Heilbronn via a medical agency and had previously worked at other German clinics. Worms Clinic should be mentioned here. Neither clinic was aware of the ongoing criminal prosecution in the Netherlands and the return of the medical license there, which indicates significant deficits in international communication. In the interest of patient health, experts agree that it must be ruled out in the future that doctors from other (EU) countries, against whom such massive allegations are directed, can act here. Dutch politicians have already been calling for an international blacklist to improve the flow of information and avoid comparable processes in the future. (fp)

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