New procedures correct tooth gaps

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New therapy approaches can correct crooked teeth and tooth gaps

Crooked teeth or tooth gaps - a sore point for many. Often, those affected do not dare to laugh openly or hold their hands in front of their mouths ashamed. Most still associate tooth position corrections with long wearing unsightly braces. This thought often prevents adults, in particular, from compensating for disturbing misalignments or large gaps between the teeth. There are now many ways to fix such flaws discreetly and quickly.

Even with complicated malpositions, it only takes a few weeks. When it comes to braces, many immediately think of the lengthy procedures in childhood. Today, highly efficient correction systems for adults combined with computer-aided planning usually only require a short therapy period. "Combined with tooth-colored brackets that we stick on the front of the teeth, this is a good option for many adults," explains Dr. Diana Svoboda, medical director of the Essen dental clinic diPura. "Since patients are often happy about straight teeth after just a few weeks, they are happy to accept wearing a discreet brace for this short period of time." Tooth-conscious people who want to rely on an invisible solution can use the lingual technique. Here dentists hide the brackets on the back of the teeth. Elastic rubbers in between provide the necessary tension. In their function, they are in no way inferior to the first method. But Dr. Svoboda emphasizes: “Sometimes the internal brackets initially limit the pronunciation somewhat. In addition, we only use this variant if the patient is ready to adapt his dental care habits. Careful cleaning under the brackets is particularly difficult for many on the back of the teeth. "The dentist prefers to advise against aligners, i.e. transparent splints:" They can be removed for important occasions or for eating, but require a lot of discipline and Patience."

Express version of veneers for small malpositions If this waiting time is too long and the effort seems too high, you can use veneers instead. These veneers compensate for small misalignments and also make it possible to optimize tooth shape and tooth shade. The prejudice that a lot of tooth substance would be lost no longer applies. New veneers are much thinner than conventional veneers and are glued directly onto the tooth surface. As a rule, this improved material requires little or no sanding. This preserves important tooth substance and protects teeth. However, severe malpositions often require prior orthodontic treatment and cannot be easily regulated. "However, the procedure is well suited for impatient people with small flaws," emphasizes Dr. Svoboda. Usually two short sessions are enough to achieve the desired look.

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