Marcel Reich-Ranicki suffers from cancer

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The 92-year-old literary critic Marcel Reich-Ranicki is looked after at home

The renowned literary critic Marcel Reich-Ranicki (92) claims to have cancer. Reich-Ranicki confirmed this on Monday afternoon of the news agency "dpa". "I'm not feeling very well, but I'm not in pain," Reich-Ranicki said in a newspaper interview. He has known about his cancer for some time. He was looked after at home and did not have to be treated in a clinic. Reich-Ranicki did not say which cancer he was suffering from. The Bild newspaper had reported that it was "prostate cancer". He also did not confirm this report in an interview.

He was born in Poland in 1920. Reich-Ranicki is one of the most important literary critics in Germany. Between 1973 and 1988 he headed the literary department of the "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ)". To this day, Reich-Ranicki writes for the newspaper.

He became known to a larger public through the literary program "The Literary Quartet". This television program ran between 1988 and 2001 with a large audience response on the second German television (ZDF).

Wife passed away in 2011
In 1999 the autobiographical book "Mein Leben" was published. In this report, Reich-Ranicki reports, among other things, on his experiences in the Warsaw Ghetto during the reign of terror of the National Socialists. He married his wife Teofila in the ghetto in 1942. Shortly before the mass murder of the incarcerated, the two spouses managed to escape. In 2011 Teofila Reich-Ranicki died at the age of 91. Both spouses had been married to each other for almost 70 years. His son is a professor of mathematics at the University of Edinburgh in the UK. Reich-Ranicki now lives in Frankfurt am Main. (sb)

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