Coffee and green tea protect against stroke

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Coffee and green tea reduce the risk of stroke

A large Japanese study with 80,000 subjects found a significantly lower risk of stroke among tea and coffee consumers. In summary, the researchers came to the conclusion: "Anyone who drinks tea or coffee frequently reduces the likelihood of succumbing to a stroke." The scientists estimate the efficiency to be around 20 percent.

Stroke or stroke is one of the most common diseases in Germany and ranks third among deaths. Different lifestyles can help to reduce the risk of stroke. According to a recent long-term study, beverages such as coffee or green tea could help reduce the risk of illness.

Effect is greatest when people consume both drinks regularly
Coffee and tea are said to have special health-promoting mechanisms. A large-scale science study in Japan has now found that consuming coffee and tea more often greatly reduces the risk of insult. "The effect is particularly great when people consume both hot drinks regularly," the researchers write in the journal "Stroke: Journal of the American Heart Association"

For the research, exactly 83,269 adult Japanese of both sexes were asked about their drinking habits in relation to coffee and green tea. Over a period of 13 years, the study participants were continuously asked about their drinking habits. In addition, the medical histories and death certificates were carefully studied. The general lifestyle also plays an outstanding role in the questionnaires. The participants were also asked about their weight, tobacco and alcohol consumption, diets and sports activities. The latter factors played an important role in calculating the actual risk because, for example, a lack of exercise and a high-fat diet negatively affect the risk of stroke.

Green tea lowers risk by 14 percent
After evaluating the data, taking into account other risk factors, the scientists came to the conclusion: "The more frequently the subjects drank coffee or green tea, the lower the risk rate for a stroke". Subjects who drank at least one cup of coffee a day had a 20 percent lower risk of stroke than people who drank coffee only rarely. If participants drank between two and three cups of green tea per 24 hours, the risk was reduced by 14 percent compared to subjects who drank little or no green tea.

Increased cardiovascular risk from smoking and coffee
It remains unclear why coffee or green tea with their natural substances provide protection against cardiovascular diseases. "That still has to be determined," emphasizes the research team. The researchers also doubt that heavy coffee consumption always poses a health risk. Although it was found that coffee drinkers who consumed more than two cups a day also suffered from cardiovascular diseases such as heart attacks, this observation could not be linked to the ingredients of coffee. Rather, it is due to the lifestyle of the strong coffee drinkers. Most of them are smokers, according to the research team.

Further research had already shown that regular coffee consumption can also lower the risk of Parkinson's and Alzheimer's. In addition, moderate consumption would not lead to cardiac arrhythmias such as rapid heartbeat. (sb)

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