The little secret of tomato sauce

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A spicy tomato sauce, the little secret

Tomato sauce is not the same as tomato sauce, as many have learned. A special flavor can be achieved with chili peppers. In contrast to chilli, salt should only be added at the very end.

A good tomato sauce is usually based on tomatoes and tomato paste as well as sweaty onions and garlic. If you like it a little hotter, you should use chili. Former star chef and spice miller Ingo Holland from Klingenberg in Bavaria recommends: "You can also add a dried chili pepper to the mix" and also: "If you want the aroma above all, leave it whole. For more sharpness, chop it beforehand." It is important that you add more spices or fresh herbs later.

In addition to the improved taste, chili peppers also have a positive health effect, they can help lower blood pressure. Zhiming Zhu from the Third Military Medical University in Chongqing, China, conducted a seven-month long-term study to investigate the effects of chili consumption on high blood pressure.

The star chef takes cinnamon Holland himself likes to season with star anise, a bay leaf and rosemary. Some thyme and oregano also go well with the sauce. He also refers to a rather rare ingredient: "The sauce with cinnamon gets an interesting note". Important for the color: if you want a red sauce, the whole of the dried spices should be poured in and fished out after a short cooking time To avoid that fresh herbs boil over in the sauce and that they remain visible, add the fresh leaves, such as basil, in the last few minutes.

And finally, an important note from the cook: only salt at the very end, because "otherwise I won't be able to boil the sauce anymore at some point". If salt is added early, more and more liquid evaporates and the sauce becomes all the more salty. (Ad)

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