WHO: Experts see coronavirus as a danger

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According to the WHO, pathogens could become a worldwide danger

The new corona virus is currently a major concern. World Health Assembly, the Director General of the World Health Organization (WHO) spoke of a worldwide danger. Of all the health problems, Margaret Chan is "currently the major worry" of these pathogens. So far, 22 people have died from an infection with the Corona virus.

WHO expresses concern about novel coronavirus "The new coronavirus is a threat to the whole world," said World Health Organization (WHO) Director General Margaret Chan at the end of the 66th World Health Assembly in Geneva. "We acknowledge the potential dangers little about this virus. " The corona virus is similar to the Sars pathogen, which about 800 people fell victim to ten years ago.

According to the WHO, 44 infections with the new pathogen were registered from September 2012 to May 23, 2013. The contagion occurred mainly in the Middle East in Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. The health authorities of Saudi Arabia alone spoke of 22 illnesses with ten deaths. So far, 22 people affected have died from the infection, which begins with flu-like symptoms and can lead to life-threatening inflammation of the respiratory tract. Researchers call the coronavirus Mers-CoV (Middle east Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus) after it initially bore the scientific name hCoV-EMC. It is striking that men are particularly affected by the infections.

WHO calls on all countries to fight the pathogen collectively "The new corona virus is not a problem that a single affected country can solve on its own," Chan emphasized probably related to travel to the Middle East In March, a 73-year-old man from the United Arab Emirates died in Munich as a result of a coronavirus infection.

The competencies and strengths of all countries “need to be brought together to respond adequately to this threat. We need more information and we need it quickly! ”Added Chan. As previously announced, “WHO interventions with Saudi Arabia and Tunisia will take place as soon as possible. The purpose is to gather all the facts so that we can carry out an appropriate risk assessment. ”

The WHO is now "assuming a human-to-human transmission of the coronavirus". Both "family members of sick people and hospital staff were infected". Exactly how exactly the transmission takes place is still unclear. So far, no adequate means has been developed to stop the virus. (ag)

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