Who is more self-envious: men or women?

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Health and Illness Management Survey: Who is more self-pitying: men or women?

"Whine rags!" A term that is often used towards people who feel sorry for themselves too quickly or too quickly and who are complaining. Is it a typical male habit to be more self-envious of mild illnesses?

Clear differences in perception of the sexes Are they really much more self-pitying than women, or are the clichés of the "typical man" true, who, like the "Indians, knows no pain"? A representative survey by the health magazine "Apotheken Umschau", carried out by GfK Marktforschung Nürnberg, showed that there are enormous differences between external and self-perception of the sexes. In the survey on male dealing with health and illness, the majority of women (85.1 percent) said that men are often more self-pitying than themselves and would complain when the first signs of illness appear. Men shared this view much less frequently at 47.0 percent.

Men believe their lives are more strenuous For 71.0 percent, ie almost three quarters of men, it is clear that they usually lead a more strenuous and stressful life because of their usually higher workload and would therefore die earlier. Less than half of women (46.3 percent) share this view. The female gender also doubts that men are more active in sports and therefore healthier than themselves. This thesis is supported by 17.1 percent of women, but with 33.1 percent almost every third man.

Biologically justified self-pity There are also results from scientific studies on self-pity. British researchers at Queen Mary University in London found that the male immune system, unlike the female, responds more slowly and less efficiently to infectious diseases. This is the reason why illnesses were always more serious in men than in women. Accordingly, men would feel sicker than women. The results were obtained when examining mice, but according to the researchers, they are readily transferable to humans. (ad)

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