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Naturheilpraxis Martina Groß-Selbeck: naturopath, naturopathic treatment of allergies, intolerance, metabolic diseases, chron. Diseases, conversation and gestalt therapy, coaching For me, the body, mind and soul of a person are inextricably linked and a holistic therapy therefore includes taking these three levels into account. Naturopathic I work with: - the NAET® allergy treatment - selected diversion procedures - phytotherapy (therapy with plants, plant extracts, mother tinctures etc.) - Bach flower therapy - classic massage - manual lymphatic drainage etc. Health prevention consisting of: - nutritional advice - Relaxation training, coping with stress - physical exercise - dealing with the inner saboteur / pig dog - reducing contact with living space toxins and environmental toxins, as far as possible. In psychotherapy and coaching I work with: - Talk therapy according to C. Rogers - Gestalt therapy according to F. Perls - elements from "the work" after Byron Katie and "the artist's way" after J. Cameron - dream trips, meditations visit me on my homepage:

Eisenbahnstr. 58
66117 Saarbrucken
Tel: 0172 7444067
Mail: [email protected]

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