Call back for glass in fruit slices

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Recall for fruit slices from Allos

The Allos company has launched a nationwide recall campaign for the mango and passion fruit slices, each with a best before date until December 29, 2013. After, according to the manufacturer, "a small piece of glass was found in each muesli and one fruit slice", Allos GmbH saw both the fruit slices and the "Allos Bircher Müesli" (650 grams, shelf life April 2, 2014) as one Call back initiated. It is not recommended to consume the products. "The affected products will be taken back and replaced by Allos GmbH," said the company.

"There is currently no indication that other products could be affected", but the articles have been withdrawn from the market as a precaution in order to meet one's own responsibility as a "manufacturer and organic pioneer", reports Allos GmbH. Consumers should refrain from eating the muesli and fruit slices with the above-mentioned best before date. How the pieces of glass got into the muesli and the fruit slices is not clear from the company's announcement. (fp)

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